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Joyvo is a young company in name of enthusiasm and innovation. Founded in 2006, we devote ourselves into multi-functional manufacturer and technology supporter. With main products Hyaluronic Acid, Hydrolyzed Collagen,Cationic Conditioner Polymers, and Pullulan, we are proud to supply high quality ingredients and full technicalconsultant service to cosmetics, nutraceuticals and foods industry. In 2009, Joyvo joined in WeiKem group, whichenable us to find new challengers in some industries like paint & coating, construction and rubbers. We never stop exploring new value in market alone with customers since we understand WE ARE JOYVO.

WeiKem chemical is one of the most active player in Cellulose ether industry . Our mission is to offer the most satisified Cellulose ether product and service to clients . " WeKcelo " is the trademark of our unique CE product , WeKcelo family consists of HPMC , HEC , MHEC , EHEC etc. we are serving clients in following industry , coating , drymix , personal care , pharmaceutical , oil field etc .

Joyvo Food Co., Ltd is a professional coffee roasting factory owned by WeiKem, which was founded in 2013. Grain Full Coffee is the first coffee brand owned by Joyvo.We have advanced production equipment and professional technical R&D team. We hold the most rigorous attitude to food sanitation and the most professional spirit to the coffee quality since the first day we were established.

Yangzhou Juli Chemical Co., Ltd. is the agent of DELTA in China. We are in full charge of the sales and technical services of DELTA additives in China. We are committed to provide you with a complete set of solutions. At present, DELTA additives have been widely used in coatings, inks, adhesives, leather and plastics industries. Connect you and me for a green life. Let's make progress together.
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